Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
You could ask any guide on Andros what the single best fly is and each one would tell you something different. The point is….the fish aren’t selective. You can bring the usual suspects, gotchas, charlies, bitters, shrimp and crab patterns, etc, in white, pink, green, and tan. If you do get a refusal don't wait for the second, change the fly. Size 4's, the only exception is during the winter months you may want to throw a smaller fly. Not often but on the coolest days during January and February the bones can be picky. You will want to tie on a #6 or #8 natural buggy looking fly like a Bitters, tan puff, or tan Gotcha. We would also recommend the Chili Pepper in size 6, DL's Stealth Fly and the Shrimp Scampi in size 6.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Olive Bonefish Bitters

Tan/Pearl Gotcha

Gold Bug

Tan Charlie

About the Fishing

Mars Bay Bonefish

Mars Bay is the end of the road on Andros; you literally cannot drive any further south. That puts you ten miles closer to the best fishing grounds on Andros than the nearest lodge. What does that mean to you? Well …no less than a ten mile shorter run over rough open water and up to an extra hour fishing each day. There are great flats just ten minutes away. You can expect to encounter large schools of two-pound mudding bones, sight cast to schools of five to twenty fish in the five to six pound category, as well as take shots at cruising doubles and singles in excess of ten pounds. Most of the fishing is done wading from the boat on these vast hard bottom sandy flats.

Bonefish Release Andros, the largest of the Bahamian islands, is located 150 miles southeast of Miami and 40 miles southwest of Nassau, New Providence. One mile off the coast of the island lies the third largest barrier reef in the world — the Tongue of the Ocean — where the water depth plummets from 30 feet to 6000 feet. The reef runs for about 170 miles. Cool waters from the deep flow upward against the walls, feeding an unbelievable fishery. Just off the reef in deep water are Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, and Jacks. On the reef are Barracuda, Snappers, and Grouper. All this is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of fishable flats known worldwide for trophy bonefishing.

During your time on South Andros, you’ll be fishing such areas as Beach Cay, Grassy Creek, Hawks Nest, Jackfish, and Water Cays to name a few. Bonefish in the area average three to five pounds with fish exceeding ten pounds found on an occasional basis. All of the guides at the lodge are licensed bonefishing guides who live in Mars Bays and grew up on the water. They’re as comfortable in a boat as they are on land, and they’ll work hard to put you on fish every day of your trip! Mars Bay is arguably the best location for those wanting to fish the southern tip of Andros and take advantage of an undeveloped fishery that receives very little fishing pressure.

About the Lodge

Mars Bay

You will be on the water early each morning and back safely in time for dinner each afternoon. At the end of the day if you still want to fish or practice your cast, you are welcome to step on to the flats in front of the lodge and fish until dark. Accommodations are in comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, four rooms featuring a private bath, two full-sized beds, ceiling fans and plenty of room for fishing tackle and personal belongings. The fifth master suite has a king sized bed for couples. Daily housekeeping is provided and laundry service is available upon request. The lodge is comfortable, the food is good and atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a quality Bahamian fishing operation.

About the Boats

Anglers fish from 16-foot Rahming Bonefish skiffs, complete with poling platforms, 40-60 HP Yamaha outboards, and spacious casting decks. They are roomy, fast and comfortable.


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