Bairs Bonefish Lodge


Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
For Bonefish, tan and pink patterns work best. "Gotcha´s" are especially effective as well as shrimp and crab patterns. Hook size 2-8. We recommend the Gotcha Clouser, DL,s Stealth Fly in size 4, Mini Puffs in 6, Squimps in 6 and Veverka's Mantis shrimp. Crab patterns should include the Epoxy Mantis Shrimp, EPP Tan Crab, Key Bone Crab and the Scampi Crab. Since there are other species to fish for at Bairs, bring a few Cuda flies as well as flies for jacks and snappers.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Gotcha Clouser

Veverka's Mantis Shrimp

EP Sand Crab

Eep Tan Crab

About the Fishing

The flats of South Andros are some of the most un-pressured flats on an island known as the “bonefish capitol of the world”. The location of Bairs surrounded by inland flats, creeks, the south end, the south bight, the west side, and numerous mangrove lagoons means that the lodge can accommodate anglers who love to wade for bonefish, as well as those who prefer to fish from the boat. The guides can customize any fishing day to meet your expectations and requests. The sandy white, hard bottomed flats of this area are vast and productive, meaning that this is a particularly good area for those looking for great wade fishing. The same characteristics also provides for consistent fishing during most weather conditions. When wind is an issue, the inland flats are more protected and calm, enabling the guides to spot bonefish tailing in the shallows. Even on cloudy days, the brilliant white sand flats make spotting fish considerably easier. If you enjoy fishing from the boat there are many keys, shorelines, and creeks to keep you busy with shots at larger, deep water bonefish.

About the Lodge

Bair’s is one of our top destination for those seeking “a little more” out of a bonefish lodge with regards to accommodations, amenities, service and the overall setting. The rooms, dining area, and lodge facility are clean, well maintained, and very comfortable. Your bed will remove all aches and pains after long days of fishing, due to the quality of the mattresses and bedding materials. There is ample storage in your room for gear, clothing, and personal belongings. All the rooms are double occupancy with a private bathroom that is well stocked with fresh towels and basic toiletries. The staff is always available to handle special requests and they will always do their best to make you stay as comfortable as possible.

Boats and Equipment

Anglers fish from 16-foot Dolphin Super Skiffs, complete with poling platforms, 85 HP Yamaha outboards, and spacious casting decks outfitted with angler braces ("lean-bars").


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