Andros South Bonefish

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Veverkas Mantis Shrimp

Perez Velcro Crab

Bunny Gotcha

Tan & Pearl Gotcha

About the Fishing

The majority of the flats of South Andros Island are very accommodating for wading and it is not uncommon to leave the boat for hours to fish the expansive flats on foot. With extensive oceanside flats as well as inland creek flats, there are limitless options for exploring the area’s fishing. This diversity means that you never have to fish the same place twice and will always be able to find fresh fish. If you enjoy fishing from the boat there are many keys, shorelines, and creeks to keep you busy with shots at cruising bonefish. The average size "schoolie" bonefish in the area will be in the two to four pound range. The larger single and double fish will weigh in between five and 10 pounds. By 8:00 AM each morning, you will be loaded up in the boat and will be casting at bones within 15 minutes to one hour - depending on the fishing area, winds, tides, and personal choices. After a full day of chasing bonefish you can finish the day with a cold Kalik at the local watering-hole, The Little Creek Bar, while your gear is being loaded up for the return trip to the lodge.

About the Lodge

Andros South is a friendly, laid-back bonefishing lodge that concentrates on providing a fishing experience that is second to none. The lodge is situated on a beautiful white sand beach, which takes full advantage of the intoxicating trade winds of the Bahamas. After fishing, take a relaxing swim each evening or hone your casting skills while gazing out at azure blue water. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and air conditioned, and each feature a private bathroom and a warm relaxing shower. Probably the most enticing fact about the accommodations at Andros South is that each angler will have their own private room! Unless otherwise requested, each angler visiting the lodge will have single-occupancy accommodations - something that is both rare and difficult to find at most bonefish lodges. The dining room and outdoor patio are welcoming and laid back. They are the perfect place to enjoy cocktails, a good cigar, and great meals with friends. If you’re looking for a very comfortable place to spend a vacation fishing, relaxing, and enjoying a quiet island in the Bahamas, you will find all of the above at Andros South.

About the Boats

Anglers fish from 16-foot Dolphin Super Skiffs, complete with poling platforms, 85 HP Yamaha outboards, and spacious casting decks. They are roomy, fast and comfortable.


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