Acklins Lodge

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
The classic shrimp and minnow bonefish patterns such as Charlies and Gotchas in tan and pink are tough to beat. Size #6 is the most popular size. It is a pleasant fact however that any bonefish pattern in sizes 4, 6, and 8 is worth giving a try on Acklins flats. Concentrate on patterns with medium to lightweight. A few flies with dumbbell lead eyes are O.K., but generally lightweight flies are the best.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Missing Link

Pink Gotcha

Veverkas's Mantis Shrimp


About the Lodge

There are five cottages on the hill-top, three of which are two bedrooms, each of which feature private bathrooms, A/C, ceiling fans, reading lights, mini fridge, a spacious closet, and extra long single beds that can also be made into king sized beds. The rooms are spacious, clean, and well decorated.

Acklins Lodge

Each cottage has a shared deck with unobstructed views of the bight of ocean. The sunrises and sunsets from the vantage point of the lodge are spectacular. Since the lodge treats its own water, the showers are not brackish and the tap water is safe to drink. Fresh water in plentiful at Acklins Island Lodge! This is very rare in anywhere in the Caribbean. Daily laundry service is available and makes for light packing.

About the Fishing

acklins fishing If you prefer to stalk bonefish while walking and wading the flats, then Acklins Island Lodge is a arguably as good as it gets. The guides here prefer to wade the varied flats, using the boats mainly as a mode of transportation. This is the most productive way to fish these intricate flats systems. On Acklins you will primarily find hard-bottomed flats, with some semi-hard bottomed flats the further inland you move. It is vital to have high quality wading boots with lots of support and the ability to keep debris out. The guides can and do pole the skiffs during higher tides and upon request. Poling platforms will be on all the boats for the 2009 season.

On the western side of the island, the Bight of Acklins is an impressive flats system that consistently holds strong numbers of bonefish. Mile upon mile of creeks, bays, and shorelines line the entire west coast, making it a very productive fishery. The oceanside Eastern shoreline is prime bonefish habitat as well, with occasional permit when conditions are right. Expect the see larger bones on this side of the island as the flats are adjacent to deeper water. There are protected bays and keys along the east coast where most of the fishing is done during windy days.

acklins fishing Every morning the guides make a game plan for the day’s fishing. They are fortunate to have so many different options for fishing locations, meaning that they can make "game time decisions" based on weather and immediate conditions. They tend to choose the day’s locations due to tides and wind direction. The Bight of Acklins is an intricate and vast tidal system that can be difficult to predict. The flats vary dramatically in how they flood and drain due to the wind direction and moon fazes. It is not uncommon to use the lodge van instead of the boats to access the day’s fishing grounds during adverse weather conditions. This gives the guests a comfortable transfer to the flats, instead of a rough and wet boat ride. There is no sacrifice in your day of fishing when using the van.

The Boats

The skiffs are very basic and solid V-hulled crafts that provide a comfortable ride from spot to spot. These well-maintained skiffs are 16-foot "Bay Skiffs" complete with poling platforms (New for 2009), rod holders, and 45 HP Yamaha outboards. All the boats do have poles if you choose to fish from the boat.


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