Isla De La Juventud

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Pearl Gotcha

Cayo Loco

Perez Velcro Crab

Big Eye Sand Devil

About the Fishing

Tarpon Most anglers head to Isla De Juventud for the world-class tarpon fishing, which is without a doubt some of the finest found anywhere in the Caribbean. This area is home to great numbers of tarpon, and while the spring and summer months typically see the most consistent action and largest numbers of tarpon, there are fish here throughout the year. When the waters are calm and winds fairly low, then you can expect to be polling the flats for shot of shot on tarpon in the 30 to 80-pound range. Larger fish are in the area as well, and can be found on a fairly regular basis. When the weather is tough and the visibility affected by clouds or rain, then you can expect to fish any number of deeper channels, where the guides know the tarpon congregate and sit. This is a pretty effective way to hook fish, and the tarpon are almost always there!

Bonefish The huge chain of keys and islands to the southeast of Nueva Gerona offer some of the most spectacular waters and pristine flats you have ever seen. This is an area that is home to not only tarpon of all sizes, but also some very large bonefish and decent numbers of permit. The bonefish here are some of the largest in all of Cuba, and these fish can be found on a very regular basis in all types of conditions. The snook fishing in the area is also amazing - hands-down the best on all of Cuba. Expect multiple shots for all types of species, and come prepared with multiple rod set-ups for tarpon, bones, permit, snook, ‘cuda and more.

About the Lodge

For Isla de Jueventad packages, anglers can choose from three different lodging options, including a hotel on the outskirts of the Neuva Gerona and two different live-aboard yachts.

The Hotel Rancho El Tesoro
Skiffs The Rancho is the base of operations for anglers looking to stay on the island and experience all that Isla de la Juventad has to offer. The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city of Nueva Gerona, the island's largest city of 75,000 people. Hotel Rancho offers basic-yet-comfortable accommodations with large, single rooms for each angler. Each room has a queen bed, air conditioning, lots of storage space for gear, and good showers with plenty of hot water. The hotel itself if a bit "dated" (imagine the original "Hotel California" from the Eagles' song) but offers plenty of character.
Horse Cart

The Georgiana (Live-Aboard Option)
The Georgiana is a luxury yacht and live-aboard option that was designed as a base of operations for the most remote and pristine flats that surround Isla de la Juventud. This is an exceptional and exclusive ship, and at 100 feet-long, she offers plenty of comfort for groups of up to ten anglers. With comfortable cabins and private bathrooms, this is the perfect platform for week-long trips inside the Marine Park of the Canarreos Archipelago, a remote chain of islands that runs eighty miles from the Island of the Youth all the way to Cayo Largo. 

The Perola (Live-Aboard Option)
This luxury yacht will take you to the most remote and pristine flats and distant waters that collectively surround Isla de la Juventud. The Perola is a beautiful 75-foot luxury live-aboard yacht that is utilized for weekly trips to the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago. Areas that are accessed and fished by the Perola include Cayo Campo, the Cantilles islands and Cayo Rosario, which is renowned for some of the most outstanding flats fishing in all of Cuba.

About the Boats

Skiffs Boats used by Avalon are Dolphin Super Skiffs with Yamaha 80 or 90HP motors. Radios and life jackets are carried aboard every skiff. Since fly fishing equipment is hard to come by on Juventad, it is recommended that anglers bring their own equipment. Flies, leaders, tippet, all terminal tackle, and all accessories should be packed as well, as very few items are available anywhere in Cuba!


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