Broad Shad Cay Lodge


Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Owing to its unique location in the middle of the flats, Broad Shad Cay Lodge offers a saltwater flyfishing experience you simply can’t get anywhere else. For one, you can fish the rising tide all day– and hunt the big fish that follow it – from the moment you leave the dock. The area has the big three, Bones, Permit and Tarpon.
The flies that work here are Gotcha's, Crazy Charlies, Crab patterns for Permit like the EP Sand Crab in white, and a variety of Toads and Cockroach's like the Sand Devil for Tarpon.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

EP Sand Crab

Gotcha Clouser

Crazy Charlie

Sand Devil

About the Fishing

Broad Shad Cay Lodge Bonefish Broad Shad Cay is ideally located in the middle of Andros Island’s North Bight. A location that is only a short run to either coast of Andros allows anglers to fish the most productive flats all day with minimal running time in the boat. Since there are no roads to the tiny island where the lodge is, a boat transfer is the only way to access the lodge. There are no other lodges or fishing operations (or any buildings for that matter!) within 20 miles of the lodge (with the exception of his father’s lodge, the historic and now-closed Bang Bang Club). If you’re looking to get away from it all in a quiet, isolated setting with a first-rate fishing program, then Andy Smith’s new lodge is hard to beat.

Tarpon As we mentioned above, the location of the lodge is better than anything on Andros. If you make a left from the lodge’s dock and head west you are fishing the famous West Side of Andros Island, an area best known for trophy bonefish, resident tarpon and expansive, unpressured flats. Since the flats on the West Side are mainly soft mud, the water can get murky during high winds and seas. So, being located in the middle of the island ensures you will experience optimum fishing during just about any weather. Head east from the dock and you will encounter some of the island’s finest hard-bottomed wading flats, home to strong numbers of medium-to-large bonefish and consistently clear water no matter what the weather is doing.

Fishing with Andy and his hand-picked guide staff is always an educational experience. They know what anglers expect due to their years of guiding, and they are excellent teachers and instructors. Andy is a true historian of the area and loves to share his knowledge with his guests. The Smith family has a long tradition of fly fishing on Andros and Andy’s new lodge has elevated that tradition to new heights.

About the Lodge

Broad Shad Cay Lodge The lodge was completed in the summer of 2009. Andy and his brother Benry built the structures on the island, and the craftsmanship is meticulous. The coral rock masonry that makes up the exterior of the lodge is impressive and aesthetically pleasing. The spacious rooms are well decorated and feature all new furniture. Each room also has air conditioning, plenty of hot water, and great views out every window. The deck is the ideal gathering place for post-fishing beverages and provides a great place to relax. It overlooks the North Bight, where the evening sunsets are nothing short of spectacular. The small flats in front of the lodge are perfect for wade fishing and stalking evening tailers. The main dining and sitting room area is adjacent to the guest rooms and deck. It features a satellite TV, maps, comfortable couches and chairs.


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