Abaco Lodge

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Fly choices for just about anywhere in Abaco will include the normal Charlies and Gotchas, weighted and unweighted, along with a clouser or two for deeper water. The top picks for flies around our fishing area include Gotcha's in tan and pink, Clint's Magic Fly, Enrico Puglisi's Spawning Shrimp. There are permit so any fly selection should have several crab patterns, some for tailing fish, like the EEP Crab in tan; and others that you can strip pretty fast for schooling permit.
This list will be refined as we go along but if you follow these guidelines you'll have success.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Welcome to the Abaco Lodge, on the Marls......
The “Marls of Abaco” are situated along the western shore of Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas, encompassing a vast swath of prime, wilderness bonefish habitat. The Marls has long been considered one of the most unique and productive fisheries in the Bahamas for its prolific numbers and cooperative fish.

Abaco Lodge

About the Fishing

If you’re looking for productive bonefish waters, you’ve come to the right place. Abaco has more than 400 square miles of flats—teeming with bonefish. And Abaco Lodge, on the western side of the island, just happens to abut some of the best in the Bahamas. The lodge is centrally located on the Marls side, with backdoor access to them all. For twenty miles toward the open ocean, the average depth is four feet. Heading north or south, it would take a lifetime to explore the entire region. And after investing some time fishing the area, devoting a life’s worth of casts to its prolific quarry isn’t such a bad proposition.

flats In addition to the Marls, Abaco Lodge offers incredible fishing on the eastern, ocean side, where chance encounters with superlative-size bonefish are a distinct possibility. Untapped areas such as Cherokee Sound, the Bight of Robinson, and Snake Cay are minutes from the lodge and house incredible but challenging bonefishing. Both east and west side options allow anglers and guides to work around potentially inclement weather, making missing a day of fishing rare.

Typical trips do not offer fishing on arrival or departure, but half-days can be arranged if flight schedules allow. Breakfast is severed at 7 a.m.; you leave the dock at 8 a.m. and return between four and five. This schedule can be tailored with advance notice. Lunches, snacks, and cold beverages are provided for a full day on the water. The Marls area is accessed from the lodge dock, steps away from the infinity pool and dining area. Fishing the ocean-side flats requires a short drive. Abaco Lodge is outfitted with a fleet of new Hells Bay Waterman skiffs, the best light tackle fishing boats in the business. Skiffs come fully equipped with padded seats, a backrest, lean bar in the front, and come to life with Yamaha 50HP engines.

skiff In the Marls, fishing is done from the boat, with your guide maneuvering you into casting range and talking you through all elements from cast to hook-set to playing releasing your catch. Wading opportunities also exist. Runs from the lodge to the flats range from 10 to 45 minutes. Marls bonefish average 2 to 4 pounds, with some shots at bigger fish. At certain times of the year, permit and tarpon also make Marls-side appearances. Be prepared. Ocean side flats, on the other hand, offer shots at some of the largest bonefish in the Bahamas. These fish are incredibly wary and often play into a size over numbers game. The Bahamas is famous for its world-class bonefishing, and Abaco is no different. But you will on occasion see permit, tarpon, barracuda, jacks, and sharks. Bring the appropriate tackle… just in case. You never know when a 20-pound tailing permit or a juvenile tarpon might show up on the scene.

In addition to the wonderful flats fishing Abaco has incredible blue water fishing. We are happy to coordinate a day or two with the best captains available in search of marlin, sailfish, Dorado, wahoo, or tuna depending on the season. Arrangements can be made at the lodge but the best captains book early and we recommend you do as well. There will be an additional charge for this fishing.

About the Lodge

lodge Abaco Lodge sits on Abaco’s west side on the rocky shoreline of the Marls—just north of Marsh Harbour en route to Treasure Cay. The lodge has eight large air-conditioned private rooms with private bath that open onto a spacious back verandah overlooking the Marls. The main dining hall and living room faces the pool, outside fire pit, and patio seating areas. Inside you’ll find a fully stocked bar, sitting room with satellite TV, exquisite dining quarters, and an evolved menu of traditional Bahamian cuisine meets new world culinary achievements. Dinners are not to be missed

bedroom In addition, you can fish all day while staying in touch with home: a computer with high-speed internet is available, as well as a wireless connection, phone service upon request, and the lodge has a new flat screen TV for all the games. The bar is fully stocked with spirits, cold beers, soft drinks, plenty of ice, and a blender and mixers for cocktails.
The shop includes Sage rods, Abel reels, RIO lines, backing, leaders and tippets. You’ll also find a great selection of top producing flies, as well as sunscreen and lip protectors, Mangrove sungloves, dry bags, Costa del Mar polarized sunglasses, tropical-weight long-sleeve fishing shirts, hats, and t-shirts.


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